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Last year, despite challenges from the pandemic we still served over 700 children. We need your help to continue our critical work to make a difference in the lives of children with vision loss!

We need our VIPS supporters help more than ever during this uniquely challenging time with the gift of a new donation or pledge, or continuing your existing your support. If you are not a monthly donor--now would be a great time to initiate a monthly gift. The families we serve depend on our teachers and we depend on you to help us in our critical mission to provide early intervention to every child with blindness or low vision.

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Trystan Progresses

He came into our lives with Gods Perfect Timing. But we soon learned our little boy had visual problems and was getting behind in developing. Therapy helped but the gap was getting larger in his development. We moved to Indiana just before he turned two and struggled with getting therapy started again. We were set up with Pediatric Development at Riley Children’s Hospital and from that initial visit, we were put in touch with VIPS. Annie, the director, came out to visit and we were immediately impressed with her vibrant personality. Near the end of that visit she explained what she observed from our son, and for the first time we had an idea of what was going on with our little boy and had a direction for helping him.

With the new information, we made a few adjustments in how we worked with our son and changes started to happen. He went from cruising and always taking hold of things (which he had been doing for several months) to walking in a few weeks! There were lots of little improvements as well that we were able to report to his VIPS therapist, Amy, when she came for her first visit with Trystan. Amy quickly became involved in our lives and has gone above and beyond in helping our son’s other therapists to have a better understanding of how our little boy sees and ways we can tailor his therapy to work with him. Changes began to happen rapidly for our son. He was developing new skills almost daily. (He is still behind, but the gap has lessened.) Then Nick, the O&M Instructor from VIPS, came for a visit and we were surprised to learn that our son would probably need assistance walking in unfamiliar areas for the rest of his life. But we also learned from Nick how we could help our son and what to do to help him better navigate his environment. This information turned out to be a blessing as now we are more acutely aware of potential situations that can be a problem for our son and how we can help him learn to negotiate his surroundings.

I know that because of all the wonderful people at VIPS and their desire to help, our son’s life has been greatly improved, not only for the present but also for his future. I cannot say THANK YOU enough to those who have helped make our son’s life better. I am Trystan’s mommy, Thyrealynn. And his daddy is Jerry. Trystan is our little boy through an interfamily adoption. We are very thankful for this little boy and for all the help we have received to make his life better.

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