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Last year, despite challenges from the pandemic we still served over 700 children. We need your help to continue our critical work to make a difference in the lives of children with vision loss!

We need our VIPS supporters help more than ever during this uniquely challenging time with the gift of a new donation or pledge, or continuing your existing your support. If you are not a monthly donor--now would be a great time to initiate a monthly gift. The families we serve depend on our teachers and we depend on you to help us in our critical mission to provide early intervention to every child with blindness or low vision.

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Ashley and Aaron Working Against Blind Stereotypes

Ashley and Aaron are working against blind stereotypes.

We always think it’s important to report on VIPS graduates and were thrilled when Mary Ann Reynolds, former VIPS staff member and mother of VIPS graduate Ashley Reynolds Linson, and mother-in-law of VIPS graduate Aaron Linson, sent along a progress report of Ashley’s current life.

“She is pursuing a degree in music business at IUS; also enjoys writing songs, playing the piano and violin, singing, and being married. She teaches voice to a class of 10 -15 students once a week at Diane Moore Dance Academy. She also takes dance classes at the studio including clogging and jazz. She is very interested in working with children with disabilities, someday, perhaps, having a job at VIPS. Ashley has made the journey through school with support from my family, friends, husband, and God,” writes Ashley’s mother, Mary.

This means that I’m not a part of the statistic of blind people who just get frustrated by college and don’t give it a second chance.

Ashley and Aaron are Fighting Against Blind Stereotypes

Ashley Reynolds Linson with husband Aaron Linson.

Mary Ann Reynolds, also sent information from Ashley’s husband, Aaron, who will graduate from IUS in the spring of 2017 achieving a Bachelor of Science in music with a concentration in audio production and a minor in communications. Aaron writes, “I am excited about getting ready to graduate. This means that I’m not a part of the statistic of blind people who just get frustrated by college and don’t give it a second chance. I couldn’t have done it without all of the awesome teachers at IUS and the support of my family and friends. I plan on finding a job in technology or music. I am also working on getting my recording studio up and running. I want to focus on classy music which I define as music you actually have to know how to play an instrument to be good at. I want to record genres such as blues, jazz, folk, singer/songwriter, bluegrass, southern gospel, any kind of acoustic based or classy based feel. I’d lastly but not least thank my loving wife for letting me do my internship even when she was alone in a big bed a lot of weekends not knowing when I’d have to go to work.”

Mary Ann Reynolds,
Ashley’s mother

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