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Gloria & Odin Stay Positive No Matter the News

Gloria and Odin sleeping

Smiling through adversity, VIPS child Odin, has brought such joy and positivity to his family over his young life. His mother, Gloria wrote to VIPS telling the impact her son has on their family as he navigates life with a visual impairment. The family experienced negativity from doctors and those around him, but it brought them all closer as they leaned on each other for support. 

Infant Odin laying next to his sisters in a bed
Baby Odin and his siblings

Odin was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy, which made walking, crawling, and tummy time difficult. Right away, the family worked to combat his seizures, learning how to administer his medicine via shot. He has now been 2 years seizure free! Gloria was once concerned that he wouldn’t be mobile, but he is now running. Odin is unstoppable and his family has so much admiration for his perseverance.

Along with CP and epilepsy, Odin was also diagnosed with cataracts at nine months old and had surgery soon after to remove them. His family has worked hard to provide adaptations to his life to make him as independent as possible— from his glasses to feet braces, to a McKie splint for his thumb. Empowering families to advocate for their children is what makes VIPS services so important to these young children. 

Gloria is so grateful for the early intervention services Odin received. She writes, “VIPS helped me and my family and especially Odin by sending us Angela. She was always positive and happy to work with Odin. She would bring lights and toys and he loved sessions with her. Odin has achieved walking, talking more, communicating, playing, and more. I will always be thankful to his therapists from First Steps: Bobbie, Holly Anne, Sarah, Angela, and Cara. 

Odin and his VIPS provider Angela posing for a photo on the floor
VIPS Provider Ms. Angela and Odin

To other parents, always stay positive no matter what the news. Look at your babies and just watch how strong, loveable, and positive they are. Remember their will to keep achieving things at their speed, and know we all learn at different speeds. The point is to achieve them. Keep talking to your babies positively, love them, and kiss them every chance you have. Enjoy the now and know that the future will be 100 times better.”

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