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Trystan Progresses

Feb 24, 2018

He came into our lives with Gods Perfect Timing. But…

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Help for Santa’s Helpers: The Gift of Christmas Routines

Dec 13, 2017

by Paige Maynard Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Developmental…

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Glasses 101 for Children with Low Vision/Blindness

Jul 7, 2017

When a child is blind or has very low vision, sometimes the first thing a parent or a friend or relative says is; “He needs glasses.” But whether or not glasses will improve a child’s ability to see is dependent upon the reason for the child’s low vision or blindness. For some eye conditions/diagnoses, there IS something that will help improve vision; a surgery, a medication, a visual intervention, or prescription eye glasses. But, for many serious eye conditions, there is NOT an intervention that will improve visual acuity. And in these cases, putting glasses on a child simply will not help.

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