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Hand-Under-Hand or Hand-Over-Hand?

Jun 27, 2017

You may never have thought about these instructional strategies, let alone which one is preferable for your child with visual impairments but amazingly, there are some considerations you may wish to address.

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Elijah's Determination Overcomes Hurdles of Ocular Albinism

Elijah's Determination Overcomes Hurdles of Ocular Albinism

Jun 17, 2017

Elijah was first seen by our ophthalmologist in late February…

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Ashley and Aaron are working against blind stereotypes.

Ashley and Aaron Working Against Blind Stereotypes

Jun 16, 2017

Mary Ann Reynolds, former VIPS staff member and mother of VIPS graduate Ashley Reynolds Linson and mother-in-law of VIPS graduate Aaron Linson, sent along a progress report of Ashley and Aaron’s current life.

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